April 10 Events

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April 10th, 2006 (April 10 2006)EventHundreds of thousands protest H.R. 4437 (aka the "Sensenbrenner Bill") in the United States.
April 10th, 1998 (April 10 1998)EventThe Belfast Agreement is signed.
April 10th, 1991 (April 10 1991)EventItalian ferry Moby Prince collides with an oil tanker in dense fog off Livorno, Italy killing 140.
April 10th, 1991 (April 10 1991)EventA rare tropical storm develops in the Southern Hemisphere near Angola; the first to be documented by satellites.
April 10th, 1979 (April 10 1979)EventRed River Valley Tornado Outbreak: A tornado lands in Wichita Falls, Texas killing 42 people.
April 10th, 1973 (April 10 1973)EventA British Vanguard turboprop crashes during a snowstorm at Basel, Switzerland killing 104.
April 10th, 1972 (April 10 1972)Event20 days after he was kidnapped in Buenos Aires, Oberdan Sallustro is executed by communist guerrillas. Sallust Quotes
April 10th, 1972 (April 10 1972)EventVietnam War: For the first time since November 1967, American B-52 bombers reportedly begin bombing North Vietnam.
April 10th, 1971 (April 10 1971)EventPing Pong Diplomacy: In an attempt to thaw relations with the United States, the People s Republic of China hosts the U.S. table tennis team for a weeklong visit.
April 10th, 1968 (April 10 1968)EventShipwreck of the New Zealand inter-island ferry TEV Wahine outside Wellington harbour.
April 10th, 1963 (April 10 1963)Event129 people die when the submarine USS Thresher sinks at at sea.
April 10th, 1959 (April 10 1959)EventAkihito, future Emperor of Japan, weds Michiko.
April 10th, 1957 (April 10 1957)EventThe Suez Canal is reopened for all shipping after being closed for three months.
April 10th, 1944 (April 10 1944)EventRudolf Vrba and Alfred Wetzler escape from the Birkenau death camp.
April 10th, 1941 (April 10 1941)EventWorld War II: The Axis Powers in Europe establish the Independent State of Croatia from occupied Yugoslavia with Ante Pavelic s Ustase fascist insurgents in power.
April 10th, 1933 (April 10 1933)EventNew Deal: The Civilian Conservation Corps is created.
April 10th, 1925 (April 10 1925)EventThe Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald is first published in New York City, by Charles Scribner s Sons.F. Scott Fitzgerald Quotes
April 10th, 1919 (April 10 1919)EventMexican Revolution leader Emiliano Zapata is ambushed and shot dead by government forces in Morelos.
April 10th, 1916 (April 10 1916)EventThe Professional Golfers Association of America (PGA) is created in New York City.
April 10th, 1912 (April 10 1912)EventThe RMS Titanic leaves port in Southampton, England for her first and only voyage.
April 10th, 1874 (April 10 1874)EventThe first Arbor Day is celebrated in Nebraska.
April 10th, 1869 (April 10 1869)EventJose Marti founds the Cuban Revolutionary Party.Jose Marti Quotes
April 10th, 1868 (April 10 1868)EventAt Arogee in Abyssinia, British and Indian forces defeat an army of Emperor Theodore. While 700 Ethiopians are killed and many more injured, only two die from the British/Indian troops.
April 10th, 1866 (April 10 1866)EventThe American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA) is founded in New York City by Henry Bergh.
April 10th, 1865 (April 10 1865)EventAmerican Civil War: A day after his surrender to Union forces, Confederate General Robert E. Lee addresses his troops for the last time.
April 10th, 1864 (April 10 1864)EventArchduke Maximilian of Habsburg is elected emperor of Mexico.
April 10th, 1858 (April 10 1858)EventThe original Big Ben, a 14.5 tonne bell for the Tower of London is cast in Stockton-on-Tees by Warner s of Cripplegate. This however cracked during testing and was recasted into the 13.76 tonne bell by Whitechapel Bell Foundry and is still in use to date.
April 10th, 1857 (April 10 1857)EventThe Sepoy Mutiny popularly known as the "Revolt of 1857" broke out in Meerut, India as part of the Indian independence movement.
April 10th, 1856 (April 10 1856)EventThe Theta Chi Fraternity is founded at Norwich University.
April 10th, 1826 (April 10 1826)EventThe 10,500 inhabitants of the Greek town Messolonghi start leaving the town after a year s siege by Turkish forces. Very few of them survive. Solon Quotes
April 10th, 1821 (April 10 1821)EventPatriarch Gregory V of Constantinople is hanged by the Turks from the main gate of the Patriarchate and his body is thrown into the Bosphorus.
April 10th, 1816 (April 10 1816)EventThe United States Government approves the creation of the Second Bank of the United States.
April 10th, 1815 (April 10 1815)EventThe Mount Tambora volcano begins its peak eruption period that lasts until July 15.
April 10th, 1741 (April 10 1741)EventWar of the Austrian Succession: Prussia defeats Austria in the Battle of Mollwitz.
April 10th, 1710 (April 10 1710)EventThe first law regulating copyright is issued in Great Britain.
April 10th, 1606 (April 10 1606)EventThe Charter of the Virginia Company of London is established by royal charter by James I of England with the purpose of establishing colonial settlements in North America. James I of England Quotes
April 10th, 1500 (April 10 1500)EventLudovico Sforza is captured by the Swiss troops at Novara and is handed over to the French.
April 10th, 1407 (April 10 1407)Eventthe lama Deshin Shekpa visits the Ming Dynasty capital at Nanjing. He is awarded with the title Great Treasure Prince of Dharma.
April 10th, 0879 (April 10 0879)EventLouis III becomes King of the Western Franks.

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